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S.V. Viakhirev starts managing the model basin. His official appointment in this job comes on February 1, 1923.

Already in 1911, as a junior assistant to the tank superintendent, he together with A.N. Krylov took part in the Kagoul cruiser sea trials in shallow waters off Sevastopol. The obtained scientific results were published in 1914.

Крейсер «Кагул» The Kagoul cruiser

Сергей Владимирович Вяхирев Sergey V. Viakhirev

А.Н. Крылов среди сотрудников бассейна (конец 20-х начало 30-х годов) А.N. Krylov with the Model Basin staff members (late 1920's - early 1930's)


The Model Basin is 'surviving' through the Civil War and the post-war disruption. Practical operation of the facility resumes only after the Government approves the first five-year construction programs for commercial (1925) and naval (1926) ships. The Basin tests models of Uragan ('Hurricane')-class escorts, submarines of Dekabrist ('Decembrist') and Schiuka ('Pike') classes and some other designs.

Сторожевой корабль пр. 2 типа «Ураган» A Pr.2 Uragan-class escort

ПЛ I серии типа «Декабрист» (до модернизации) A Dekabrist-class submarine of the 1st series (before upgrading)


The Model Basin is headed by S.O. Baranovsky (Major General of Naval Architect Corps).

The best naval architects whoever survived these hard times are pooled together, many of these become leading scientists and engineers in the field of shipbuilding.

Группа преподавателей и курсантов Военно-Морского Инженерного Училища (первая половина 20-х годов). В первом ряду третий слева Ю.А. Шиманский, впоследствии академик, старейший сотрудник Института. Во втором ряду третий справа В.И. Першин, впоследствии сотрудник и директор института. A group of professors and cadets of Naval Engineering College
(early 1920s).


N.V. Alyakrinsky, graduate of the Emperor Nicolas I Marine Engineering College (1917) and Naval Academy, promoted in future to the rank of engineer — flag officer II class. In 1937 he is arrested, condemned on baseless charges and executed (rehabilitated in 1956).

At the time of Alyakrinsky directorship the Model Basin begins testing of self-propelled ship models and propeller models.
N.V. Alyakrinsky and Yu.V. Krivtsov (Institute’s researcher subsequently appointed its deputy director) publish an article titled «On research in shipbuilding» (Izvestya newspaper, 13 Oct. 1930) proving the requirement for setting up a dedicated research institute to focus on shipbuilding issues.

An extensive research into ship propulsors is commenced. A ship propulsor bureau is set up, which is headed by E.E. Pampel, an outstanding expert in propellers.

Николай Владимирович Алякринский Nikolai V. Alyakrinsky

Юрий Владимирович Кривцов Yuri V. Krivtsov

Эдуард Эдуардович Папмель Eduard E. Pampel

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