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Surely, strength is one of critical parameters defining structural safety. Strength experts have to reconcile conflicting requirements for the specific structure. Thus, a structure demonstrating high strength and reliability is to be of scant weight. Requirements for strength, reliability and service life are to be also correlated with minimum labor rate to build the structure. This list may be finalized with requirements for repairability, restrictions of overall structural dimensions, effect of corrosion and other factors on strength performance.

Global experience has revealed that only analysis of gained experience and implementation of advanced R&D outcomes enable preventing accidents and ensuring high economic efficiency of vessels and offshore engineering structures. This fully relates to strength integrity, reliability and service life of hull structures. And this makes designers and builders of ships, vessels and offshore engineering structures resorting to our support and assistance in handling comprehensive challenges.

Objects under research:

  • High-end transportation and special-purpose vessels (tankers, bulk carriers, LNG carriers);
  • Surface ships and submarines;
  • High-speed ships and vessels (hydrofoil boats, air-cushion vehicles, planing vessels, multi-hull structures);
  • Offshore floating and fixed drilling rigs and platforms;
  • Vessels and ice-breakers, FPSO to be operated in Arctic conditions;
  • Deep-water facilities for the World Ocean exploration;
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