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One of the key areas of TSNII SET branch is the development of full-electric propulsion systems for ships including electric power plants and electric propulsion systems with integrated control. We also develop, produce, deliver and test the following types of shipboard electric equipment:

  • Electric power systems;
  • Electric propulsion systems;
  • Converter technologies;
  • Automated control, monitoring & diagnostic systems;
  • Mount assemblies, load devices;
  • umbilical connector assemblies;
  • electrostatic protective tools for ships;
  • motors for shipboard machinery, etc.

The Quality Management System is certified for compliance with the Russian and international standards including ISO standards. Continuous engineering supervision from design to commissioning eliminates errors or misalignments between interfaced systems.

TSNII SET is working in close co-operation with domestic shipbuilders and electric assembly companies as well as key design bureaus and research institutes.

In the field of hydrogen energy TSNII SET performs R&Ds intended to produce test prototypes, while in future it is planned to set up production and delivery of automated power plants based on fuel cells and hydrogen storage & regeneration systems.

Pilot HE production facilities are state-of-the-art and capable to support full cycle of production to manufacture fuel-cell power plants in a range of power outputs for various purposes including the equipment for application of catalytic nano-coatings to membrane-electrode assembly (not available elsewhere in Russia) making it possible to produce fuel elements and fuel-element batteries using in-house technologies.

The HE research and test facilities enable us to study individual units and power plant assemblies using fuel cells (membrane-electrode assemblies, MEA batteries, fuel processors of various modifications and power ranges, systems and blocks of heat & mass exchangers, automatic & control systems) and integrated fuel-based power plants.

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