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  • Production of ship designs for Russian and foreign shipbuilders in accordance with the rules of various classification societies;
  • Design of inland vessels, sea-going ships and marine structures, issue of design documentation with different levels of complexity and detail:
    • preliminary design;
    • engineering design;
    • classification design;
    • construction documentation;
    • workshop design documentation;
    • acceptance documentation;
    • operating documentation;
  • refit & upgrade designs for ships of various types and missions;
  • expert design appraisals of inland vessels, sea-going ships and marine structures;
  • contract supervision and follow-up support;
  • preparing technical specification for model tests, support during tests, calculations based on test results;
  • design and generation of 3D-models using CAD/CAE systems:


Today all design work as well as 3D models at Baltsudoproekt are executed using CAD/CAM AVEVA Marine. This system enables designers to generate 3D ship models, compute static ship characteristics and document all phases of ship design starting from the engineering design to construction design specifications.

The system’s modules covering all areas from design to construction make use of the common project-specific database to ensure simultaneous access to the database and parallel design work.

The system is able to pools the resources of several design bureaus to accelerate generation of 3D models and drawings. Such division of labor can be arranged in two ways:

  • division of project into building areas with subsequent merging of model and drawing bases;
  • engagement of extra design staff using web connections.

Generation of the design documentation is also facilitated by the catalogue of standard items.

CAD/CAM AVEVA provides all departments with on-line access to up-to-date project data reducing the time and cost of work.

CAD Nupas-Cadmatic

This system is an alternative to AVEVA Marine in modeling and documentation issue jobs.


CAM NESTIX is used together with CAD Nupas-Cadmatic. CAM NESTIX is a computer-aided system intended to support manufacturing of hull items on CNC machines.

  • strength analysis of ship structures using different software.

    This system is applied to solve a spectrum of problems related to strength of various ship structures. 3D models of structures generated by CAD systems combined with FEM technique of CAE ANSYS make it possible to obtain very reliable results and simplify computations for accelerating the decision-making process.

    CAD Lira PRO

    The software LIRA is used as a tool for numerical investigation of structural strength and stability as well as for computer-aided design of the same.

    3D-модель дизель-электрического ледокола проекта 21900М в САПР AVEVA Marine Исследование прочностных характеристик конструкций судна пр. 22420 в САПР ANSYS 3D-модель
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