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Complex of Cavitation Tunnels

The complex of cavitation tunnels is intended for measuring hydrodynamic and acoustic characteristics of conventional and special- type propellers in open water and in wakes behind model hulls, as well as cavitation flow patterns around high-speed vehicles and their components.

Diameters of CT test sections range from 0.3 tо 1.3 m and flow speed ranges from 10 tо 30 m/s.

Large Cavitation Tunnel

Test Scope:

  • Hydrodynamic and acoustic tests of open-water propeller models measuring up to 0.6 m in diameter
  • Self-propulsion tests of fully submerged models and propellers in non-uniform flow with measurement of acoustic propeller characteristics
  • Measurement of pressure fluctuations induced by propellers in cavitation and sub-cavitation conditions


  • Test section: 1.3×1.3 m;
  • Maximum speed: 13.0 m/s;
  • Minimum cavitation number: 0.5.