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Large-Size Structure Fatigue & Static Test Complex

This test facility is intended for strength tests under static and repeated static (fatigue) loading. A 3D combination of external forces applied to test structures accurately simulates their stress- strained state in real operational environment.

LB floor area

48×24 m

Allowable specific load on floor

4·105 Pa

LB floor capacity

4,8·107 N

Capacity of LB bridges

4.106 N

Number of LB bridges


Capacity of LB wall panels

1,2·107 N/m

Number of LB wall panels


Total load capacity

1,5·106 N

Number of loading channels


Force range for hydraulic actuators

(2–500)·104 N

Loading frequency:

– multi-channel

1 Hz

– single-channel

3 Hz

Number of polled sensors:

– strain gauges


– crack sensors


– displacement sensors


The test facility is equipped with the loading control system and strain/stress data acquisition & analysis system.