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Marine power plants, nuclear & radiation safety

Marine power engineering is a core R&D activity of the Krylov State Research Centre with a focus on safety of personnel, population and environment.

Studies of ship engines were initiated in 1910 with the establishment of mechanical & chemical laboratories at the Towing Tank. Thereafter a dedicated R&D division emerged, which began to investigate all types of power plants, develop design recommendations and supervise implementation of the powerplants on ships and vessels of various types.

Currently the division is engaged in optimization of conventional marine power machinery as well as elaboration of new technical concepts of high-end power plants, being involved in the design as well as practical implementation of innovative solutions on ships and vessels.

The Krylov Centre has developed the first prototypes of marine gas turbines, automatic control systems for marine power plants, fuel-cell systems, new steam-turbine configurations for naval ships and merchant vessels. Some of our ingenious technologies devised for nuclear propulsion applications remain state-of-the-art solutions nowadays, winning the globally recognized reputation of Russian nuclear power plants.

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