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The Civil Ship System’s Integration Division addresses the following tasks:

  • Shaping of the structure, generation of content and updating the R&D work scope for developing cutting-edge technologies for civil marine applications;
  • Development of the performance indicator system to assess the R&D progress in civil marine engineering (CME);
  • Technology forecast studies, management of integrated foresight research in CME based on generic platform philosophy;
  • Management of advanced R&D programs in the field of CME;
  • Optimization of type range in the field of CME based on generic platform principles;
  • State-of-the-art and trend analysis of prospective Russian and foreign developments in CME field; generation and updating of CME data bases; prediction of ship and marine structure types’ development;
  • drafting of civil shipbuilding, scientific & engineering and advanced R&D programs;
  • comprehensive open-end research studies and conceptual design of civil ships and marine structures, complexes of offshore field construction & development facilities and processing & shipment systems, as well as general seakeeping studies, propulsion performance in shallow water, ice and water engineering to support the design efforts (including preliminary and detail design phases);
  • elaboration of marine operations projects;
  • technical & economic feasibility analysis of offshore facilities projects, marine processing & transportation systems as well as individual marine structures in accordance with the plans for development of shipbuilding capacities;
  • elaboration of regulatory and guideline documents in CME field;
  • expert appraisal of complexes of offshore facilities and marine processing & transportation systems as well as individual marine structures;
  • scientific and engineering support throughout all phases of life cycle;
  • scientific justification of requirements regarding the economic efficiency, environment friendliness and safety of civil ships and marine structures.
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