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New developments and Customers

Package of methodological documentation for design & construction of quiet ships, vessels, gas & oil platforms and other floating facilities covering all phases from design to construction, testing & commissioning. This package of documentation is intended for the Navy and civil shipbuilding.

Methods of calculations and design rules:

  • low-noise ships of various types;
  • low-noise modularized powerplants;
  • low-noise machinery for ships and industrial purposes;
  • low-noise pipeline systems;
  • anti-interference sonar domes.

Software package for estimation of vibration & noise fields for complex engineering structures and buildings noted for its multi-purpose functionality compatible with ANSYS, NASTRAN & SYSNOISE.

Efficient means of vibration & noise control:

  • external noise suppression & anti-sonar acoustic coatings of small thickness;
  • rubber-metal, metal and pneumatic vibration isolators designed for a load range of 10 to 10000 kg;
  • flexible inserts in pipelines for a wide range of diameters (up to 0.3 m) and pressures (up to 107 N/m2);
  • vibration absorbers of enhanced efficiency in the specified temperature/frequency ranges;
  • acoustic isolators for power equipment;
  • acoustic protection of sonar antennas.

Methods & equipment for acoustic measurements and diagnostics:

  • guidelines for measurement of acoustic fields radiated by moving bodies, sonar acoustic interferences and revealing the main sources of noise and vibration;
  • algorithms and software of vibration & acoustic equipment monitoring systems;
  • automated measuring systems for logging & processing of vibration & shock data;
  • accelerometers, hydrophones and piezoelectric strain gages for measuring various parameters.

Methods & equipment for strain gaging and torsiography of ship shaftings:

  • guidelines for measurement and estimation of torsional, bending and axial vibrations of shaftlines;
  • portable data acquisition & analysis systems for remote torsiography of shaftlines.

Methods & equipment for assessment of static and dynamic strength of low-noise power plants, equipment and pipelines.

System of tools for cleaning of process air in power plants from salt, sand and dust particles:

  • tools for cleaning the air in marine gas-turbine engines from salt particles;
  • tools for sand & dust cleaning of the air in all types of power plants;
  • tools for air cleaning at industrial facilities.

Design documentation for design of special-purpose test benches:

  • low-noise wind-tunnel;
  • low-noise self-contained laboratory for flow noise research;
  • test facility to study the strength & buckling of shell structures and dome models.

In-house software package for analysis of internal & external acoustic characteristics of modern ships and submarines to meet the acoustic requirements including sanitary & environmental aspects. This software package can be recommended to design companies and shipyards.

Monitoring of ship’s underwater radiated noise using an artificial neuron network

The concept of automated monitoring system for underwater noise radiated by a moving ship has been studied. It is using onboard measurements of vibration, air-borne noise in compartments and the noise of an artificial neuron network taught from data preliminary measured during sea trials.

A software package has been developed to monitor underwater radiated noise based on internal ship measurements.

This is the first time when the feasibility of ship’s underwater noise monitoring concept using the artificial neuron networks has been studied.

The technology of vibration & shock protection has been developed for machinery & equipment of ice-class ships.

Main sources of air-borne noise & vibration in icebreakers and ice class ships

Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau
Improvement of acoustic characteristics of surface ships under design.

Submarine projects: package of measures to reduce air-borne noise of air conditioning & cleaning systems.

PO Sevmash
Improvement of acoustic characteristics of submarines.

Ural Diesel/Motor Plant, SSTC — Design Bureau Armas, Electrosila, Central Research Institute of Marine Engineering, ZAO Obukhovskoe
Vibration & acoustic tests of ship machinery and equipment.

Concern Okeanpribor
Methodological support to sonar design.

Severnaya Verf
Improvement of surface ship acoustic performance.

Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAP RAS)
Development of guidelines and instrumentation for measuring acoustic fields.

Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center, CRISM «PROMETEY»»
Investigation of new materials.

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI»
Delivery of systems for measuring vibration, sound fields and excited oscillations.

Ural Diesel/Motor Plant, Kolomensky Zavod
Study of vibration & acoustic characteristics of machinery units.

NPP Progress
Determination of vibration & acoustic characteristics of acoustic protection tools. Development, manufacturing and delivery of system for measuring elastic dissipative properties of polymer materials.

Development of methods and instruments for measuring acoustic fields.

Package of experimental studies on vibration & noise of ship equipment and expert appraisal of machinery vibration & acoustic status.

Shipyard Yantar
Improvement of acoustic performance of ships built for export.

NPP Marine Technology, Amur Shipbuilding Plant
Improvement of propulsor acoustics.

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