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About Centre

Generation of advanced multi-disciplinary research and engineering capabilities, developing the core competences of system integrator and modernization promoter in shipbuilding industry, follow-up scientific & engineering support to enable practical implementation of innovative solutions throughout the operational life cycle.


The Krylov State Research Centre is one of the world’s major ship research & design centres established in 1894.

Over its century-long efforts in the field of innovative R&Ds for the benefit of national shipbuilding, in the best interests of the country’s defence and economic development, the Krylov Centre has accumulated the wealth of unique expertise in development of naval ships, commercial vessels and offshore structures.

The Krylov Centre responsibilities cover the full scope of ship qualities including seaworthiness, strength, powering, acoustics, electromagnetic signatures, nuclear & radiation safety, definition of ship concepts meeting the combination of the above requirements.

As far as the shipbuilding market is concerned the Krylov State Research Centre is focused on the high-tech R&D products and services for naval, merchant and dual applications. The company’s deliverables are innovative knowledge-based products and services including the results of intellectual activity, scientific support and supervision for implementation of advanced R&Ts, tests on unique experimental facilities, etc.

We are charting the strategic course for shipbuilding industry having significant impact on political, transport, food and economic security of the nation.

We are delivering R&D support for the government programs in the field of naval and civil shipbuilding.

We are backing up the engineering regulatory and standardization efforts, certification of products and quality management systems, classification & coding, cataloguing and metrology.

We are responsible for management of the industry-specific information resources containing scientific & engineering data and information about critical technologies under development.

We maintain fruitful cooperation with oil & gas companies assisting them in the development of wealthy hydrocarbon resources offshore.

We are actively expanding our presence on the international arena and scientific & engineering collaboration with foreign partners. Among the customers of the Krylov Centre are leading shipbuilding companies of UK, France, Norway, USA, Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore and more than 20 other countries.

We take part in the Russian-FrenchRussian-German and Russian-Indian working groups on military technical cooperation.

The key principle of our company’s policy is to deliver responsible state-of-the-art solutions to the satisfaction of our customers.

Since 2002 the Krylov Centre has been running the quality management system certified by Oboronsertifika. Our company has been granted certificates for military and civil products.

Successful cooperation with our partners is guaranteed by the high qualifications of the company’s staff, unique experimental facilities and continuously updated databases of advanced scientific and engineering solutions in shipbuilding across the world.


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