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Generation of advanced multi-disciplinary research and engineering capabilities, developing the core competences of system integrator and modernization promoter in shipbuilding industry, follow-up scientific & engineering support to enable practical implementation of innovative solutions throughout the operational life cycle.


1. Leadership in the Russian shipbuilding science, integration of R & D competences and development of advanced knowledge and technology assets.

2. Consolidation and optimization of the research and engineering potential in shipbuilding and elaboration of mechanisms for high-tech product commercialization.

3. Charting the course for attractive product line development and shaping the shipbuilding industry profile.

Core areas of Krylov Centre:

  • Fundamental research related to marine and inland water technologies;
  • Elaboration and justification of naval & commercial shipbuilding programs;
  • Design and design appraisals of ships, vessels & structures intended for marine and inland water operations;
  • Research in hydrodynamics, strength, power plants & electric systems, physical fields, hydroacoustics;
  • Design of ship electric equipment, propellers & propulsion systems;
  • Design solutions and developments related to offshore oil & gas platforms;
  • Standardization & unification, classification & coding, certification of products and QM systems within shipbuilding industry, cataloguing of products, metrological support, specialization & coordination of production facilities.

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The core competences of the Krylov Centre are backed up by:

Information Technologies

There is an on-going process of automation and implementation of modern software & hardware systems, e.g. introduction of integrated information systems — the Integrated Corporate Information & Analytical (ЕKIАS) covering all sites of the company including its branches.

All experimental facilities of the Krylov State Research Centre are outfitted with state-of-the-art instrumentation & computation technologies as well as measuring systems and sensors (dynamometers, accelerometers, pressure transducers, strain gages, temperature sensors, etc.).

The Krylov Centre has already commissioned and is currently operating:

  • Super-computer of Russian company T-Platform for high-performance of cumbersome computations required for R&D purposes;
  • E-document flow system;
  • Automated tax, personnel and management accounting system based on 1С:Predpriyatie platform;
  • E-mailing system.

There are continued efforts to develop the information security systems, in-house software for computer simulations as well as software applications to support core R&Ds, as well as to set up an integrated knowledge base and improve IT skills of the staff.

Regular audits of IT infrastructure are undertaken to improve the management of IT resources.

Environment protection and energy efficiency

Krylov State Research Centre is located in the urban with a footprint of about 100 hectares accommodating over 100 buildings used for different purposes, including production workshops. For this reason we have to keep in mind the environmental and energy consideration while shaping up the strategy of our company.

For raising the ecological awareness we have drawn up a list of priority tasks in protection of the water and air environments from waste disposal supported by specific plans of protection measures.

A survey undertaken to improve the energy efficiency has evolved into a program aimed at upgrading and increasing the reliability of energy consumers, cutting down the power and water supply costs, reducing heat losses, improving the temperature and humidity conditions.

Comprehensive modernization

Krylov’s experimental facilities are national assets and material prerequisites for research studies of any desired complexity.

Concerted measures are being undertaken for upgrading, repair and renewal of experimental and production facilities for enhancing capabilities of the Krylov Centre.

The work places are being outfitted according to up-to-date requirements and offices & buildings are refurbished for better comfort of the staff.

Social Commitments

The Krylov State Research Centre has a total staff of over 3000 employees. A well-thought-out and balanced social policy of the company is critical for successful operation of the company. The key requirements in the social sphere are proper work environment, medical care and recreation opportunities for the staff.

The Krylov Centre management keeps the social amenities, like medical and sport facilities, canteens, etc. well maintained and upgraded; new social facilities & services are introduced and cultural and recreational events are organized for the benefit of the staff.

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