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  • Development of physical & mathematical models describing how vibrational and acoustic fields are generated on board ships.
  • Development of methods for estimation of spectral and spatial characteristics of vibrational and acoustic fields.
  • Development of recommendations, performance of calculations & tests to support the design of low-noise ships as well as reduction of acoustic interferences with the operation of sonars.
  • Design and manufacturing of efficient tools for vibration & noise isolation and absorption for ships, power plants and various transport vehicles, as well as measurement of dynamic characteristics of these tools.
  • Testing of power plants, equipment, machinery, gears and pipelines (including ventilation ducts), detection of features giving excessive noise and vibration; development of solutions for improvement of acoustic performance to reach the level required by regulations and specifications.
  • Elaboration of recommendations, performance of calculations & tests to ensure the strength of power generation equipment & systems, and sonar domes.
  • Development, manufacturing & delivery of acoustic coatings and radar absorbing materials & structures as well as other engineering rubber products.
  • Development, manufacturing & delivery of vibration sensors (accelerometers), hydrophones, pre-amplifiers; metrological certification of vibration transducers.
  • Development, manufacturing & delivery of customized air cleaning systems for gas turbine engines.
  • Torsiography & strain gage measurements on shafting with reports for approval of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
  • Services for experimental and analytical determination of turbulent pressure fluctuations on bodies moving in fluids including the fields of turbulent pressure fluctuations on models.

The certified Vibrotest Center was set up to conduct standard acoustic tests of machinery for detecting the features causing excessive noise and vibration so that suitable solutions can be developed to bring the acoustic parameters to the level specific in regulations and standards.

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