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Circular Rotating-Arm Basin


This test facility is intended for experimental evaluation of ship model hydrodynamic characteristics at non-linear motion, as well as assessment of hydrodynamic performance of ship steering and control surfaces.

Basin Dimensions:

  • Diameter – 70 m;
  • Depth – 6.7 m.

Linear towing speeds of models in the range of 0.3 tо 50 m/s are provided by the twinned towing systems:

  • Bridge-like structure supported at two points with a radially-adjustable cabin – speeds up to 15 m/s;
  • Wing-shaped boom supported at one point with a number of fixed model-mounting locations – speeds up to 50 m/s.

The basin is well equipped for measuring hydrodynamic characteristics of all ship types, towed systems and special-purpose vehicles, as well as for physical modeling of their behavior in operating conditions.