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Analytical & experimental studies in hydro- and aero-dynamics of ships in calm water:

  • development of new methods for theoretical investigation of hydrodynamic processes based on the theory of turbulent viscous-fluid flows;
  • optimization of innovative ship drag reduction concepts and shaping of ship hull lines and appendages for this purpose;
  • elaboration of analytical techniques for calculating the propeller characteristics in sub-cavitation and cavitation conditions;
  • development of mathematical models describing ship behavior in un-restricted water as well as interaction of the ship with other objects and water boundaries.

Assurance of supreme propulsion and maneuvering performance of surface ships and submarines, sea trials to verify the predicted performance in real environment.

Development of efficient hydro- and aero-dynamic configurations of ships and structures.

Development and manufacturing of experimental equipment for measuring the forces acting on ship models and flow patterns as well as performance of full-scale sea trials.

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