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  • feasibility study into safety of nuclear power plants for ships, vessels and other offshore engineering structures;
  • technical proposals on development of nuclear power plants fitted with integrated reactor unit for ice breakers and arctic-class vessels of new generation using computer-aided design technologies;
  • development of plants based on conventional power sources to enhance endurance of offshore engineering structures and reduce harsh environmental effect;
  • recommendations on selection of type and parameters of main and auxiliary power plants for sea and river facilities (ship, vessel, submarine, underwater vehicle), as well as structures for field exploration, production, storage, and delivery to raw material and bioresources processing sites, subsea and surface robotics and other offshore structures.

Nuclear, radiation and eco safety at development, operation and scrapping of offshore engineering structures.

Development of power plants fitted with full electric propulsion systems.

The following possible power engineering solutions are considered for the above structures:

  • diesel power plants;
  • gas-turbine power plants;
  • boiler-and-turbine power plants;
  • nuclear power plants;
  • power plants with direct conversion of chemical energy into electric one on the basis of various electrochemical sources (electrochemical generators, advanced accumulator batteries, etc.);
  • power plants with direct conversion of heat and nuclear energy to electric one on the basis of thermoelectric generators and thermoelectron engines;
  • power plants using wind, wave and current energy;
  • combined power plants.

Prediction of possible radiation effect of nuclear offshore structures both in standard operation conditions and in emergency to ensure radiation, health and environmental safety.

Development and manufacture of specialized instrumentation to measure radiation fields of offshore nuclear facilities and metrological certification thereof, as well as facilities for various applications using radiation & physical methods to detect explosive, fissionable and radioactive substances in belongings and baggage of visitors and personnel of designated enterprises.

Investigation into state and methodological support for nuclear and radiation safety of shipbuilding enterprises and companies.

Training and attestation of business executives of shipbuilding enterprises and companies.

Development of:

  • draft managerial decisions to enhance safety in nuclear engineering domain;
  • proposals on and elaboration of regulations for nuclear energy safety;
  • draft reports on company readiness for specific nuclear-hazardous activities.

Ministerial metering and monitoring of radioactive substances and wastes.

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