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Ship acoustics

The Ship & Industrial Acoustics Division is concerned with the acoustic stealth of ships, refinement of physical & mathematical models, management of ship’s vibrational, noise and sonar fields (signatures), development of scientific basis and guidelines for measurement of these fields and identification of their sources.

The Division is also engaged in improvement of the existing and development of new acoustic and vibration control & protection technologies based on innovative principles as well as commercial manufacturing of this equipment; investigation of ship vibration & air-borne noise and implications for ship habitability, underwater radiated noise and environment. We are continuously implementing the theoretical & practical results obtained from our research into civil shipbuilding and related industries. Regulatory & technical documentation and standards are being developed regarding the levels of underwater noise radiated by ships including gas carriers and oil tankers.

The Division was established in 1960, and today it is considered to be one of the major acoustic research centers in Russia.

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