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This test facility is intended for predicting the effects of natural environment like waves (both regular & irregular), currents and winds on ships, marine structures and harbor facilities including joint operations and interactions of these structures, as well as for measuring wave bending moments and shearing forces on segmented ship models.

Basin dimensions:

  • Length – 161 m;
  • Width – 20 m.

Deep-water part:

  • Length – 89 m;
  • Depth – 4 m;
  • Towing carriage speed – 3.5 m/s (full length – 5.5 m/s).

Shallow-water part:

  • Length – 72 m;
  • Depth – 0.2–1.5 m;
  • Towing carriage speed – 2.5 m/s;
  • Waves:
    wave length – 1.5–8.0 m;
    wave height – up to 0.3 m.

Equipment: two towing carriages; fans; regular & irregular wavemakers generating waves at any desired angle with respect to the basin centerline; instrumentation for measuring resistance, model responses in waves, wave bending moments on hull.