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Deep-Water Towing Tank


This test facility is intended for towing and self-propulsion model tests of surface ships and submersibles in deep-water and near- surface conditions, as well as tests of propellers and propulsion systems in open water conditions.

Main Data:

  • Two sections measuring 600 m & 670 m in length;
  • Width – 15 m;
  • Depth – 7 m;
  • Each section is equipped with two towing carriages to handle ship models up to 10 m in length;
  • Maximum towing speed 20 m/s;
  • Maximum water depth for submersibles – 2 m.

Test equipment enables:

  • Measuring of forces on model hulls and propulsion units.
  • Non-uniform 3D wake survey in way of propulsion units.
  • Modeling of real flow conditions around hull using polymer additives.
  • Towing and self-propulsion tests.