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Game-changing capabilities of the Krylov Centre at 100 + Forum Russia

14 december 2018

International congress and exhibition on the design, construction, funding and servicing of high-rise buildings and unique structures of various applications took place in Yekaterinburg on December 5-7. 100+ Forum is the major Russian event in this professional domain.

Krylov State Research Centre was represented at the Forum as both an exhibitor and business program participant. Deputy Head of Hydrodynamics Department Sergei Soloviev was invited to take part in the event both as a speaker and as a moderator of two conference panels focused on bridge construction engineering. He delivered papers dedicated to the aspects of aerodynamic stability of large-span bridges and integrated R&D support for the design of out-of-class bridges. The papers aroused keen interest not only among engineers and bridge designers, but also among the members of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, particularly concerning the opportunities for aerodynamic investigations of the bridges in Landscape Wind Tunnel offered by the Krylov Centre.

Landscape Wind Tunnel mock-up was showcased at the exhibition stand of the Krylov Centre at 100+ Forum Russia. Keen interest of 100+ Forum participants and designers in particular, to this experimental facility is due to the requirements of Russian regulatory documents on the design of unique structures for experimental determination of wind and snow loads to be performed in special-purpose wind tunnels. Arkady Chernetsky (Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation), Evgeny Kuivashev (Government of Sverdlovsk Region), Mikhail Volkov (Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure Development of Sverdlovsk Region), Vladimir Travush (member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences) got acquainted with KSRC exhibits during 100+ Forum and highly appreciated the uniqueness and great demand for the Landscape Wind Tunnel capabilities.

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