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Arctic: Today And The Future

11 december 2015

On the opening day of the 5th International Forum «Arctic: Today And The Future» the exhibition stand of the Krylov State Research Centre was visited by the Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Government Dmitry Ragozin. Among the exhibits showcased by KSRC Dmitry Rogozin was particularly interested in a model of the advanced 120 MW nuclear icebreaker «Lider» (project 10510) designed by Krylov’s Arctic Engineering Centre jointly with the Central Design Bureau Iceberg.

Vladimir Nikitin, Director General of the Krylov Centre, briefed the Vice Prime Minister on the particulars of this project, outlining a number of alternative design options of the future icebreaker and highlighting her multi-functional capabilities catering for various regions of the Russian Arctic with an emphasis on the Northern Sea Route.

It should be noted that Arctic-related R&D projects pursued by Krylov are growing in importance in the light of Russia’s ambitious plans for Artic development.

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