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KSRC hosts Ships and Marine Technology

3 november 2015

On October 26–30, 2015 under the auspices of Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) and at the premises of the KSRC, ISO/TC8 34th Plenary Meeting Ships and Marine Technology was held. This key event in shipbuilding industry, first-ever held in Russia, gathered over a hundred of representatives from many countries, including the top executives from leading industrial and scientific organizations of China, Japan, Korea, Great Britain, Denmark, etc. The event was open by a welcome speech given by Mr. Vladimir Nikitin, Director General of the KSRC. Mr. Zazhigalkin, Deputy Director of Rosstandart gave a message on challenges and prospects in development of Russian national system of standards. During the meeting, the participants also discussed the issues of marine education, and Mr. Appolonov, Acting Principal of St. Petersburg Marine Technology University, delivered a report on the industrial training centre for professionals in Russian shipbuilding and commercial fleet.

The meeting also covered key issues of international standardization tackled by ISO/TC8. These issues are of utmost importance for shipbuilding. Advantageous exchange of opinions between Russian and foreign experts and communicated international experience will contribute to enhance the quality of national standards being developed, enhance their harmony with best international practice and allow practical implementation of the measures intended to protect the interests of Russian shipbuilding.

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