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12 february 2024

XIII International Conference “Navy and Shipbuilding Nowadays” NSN’2024 will be held in June 20-21, 2024, in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the framework of the XII International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS’2024).

Conference theme: Construction materials. Strength and structural mechanics.

Basic topics of the Conference:

‒        Strength issues in naval and commercial shipbuilding.

‒        Russian Materials, Standards and Certification. How to Achieve Import Independence.

‒        Nothern Sea Route: Strength issues.

‒        Artificial Intelligence and digital models in development of construction materials.

Registration fee: Participation is free of charge.

Deadlines and key dates:

March 20, 2024                     Submission of application form and paper abstracts.

May 14, 2024                         Submission of English paper versions in electronic form.



Invitation NSN’2024

Application NSN'2024

Instruction for preparation of papers

Contact person:

E-mail: A_Rubtsova@ksrc.ru, nsn@ksrc.ru

тел.: + 7 (812) 386-67-67


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