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The Ninth International Conference «Navy and Shipbuilding Nowadays» NSN’2017

29 june 2017

June 29 — 30, 2017,

The Ninth International Conference «Navy and Shipbuilding Nowadays» NSN’2017 will be held on June 29 — 30, 2017, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

International Conference NSN’2017 is organized by Krylov State Research Centre jointly with «International Maritime Defense Show» and Naval Research Institute and Naval Academy of RF MoD. NSN’2017 Organising Committee invites commanders and officers of Navies and Coast Guards services, managers and representatives of shipbuilding companies, scientific organizations and design bureaus, universities and public administration from various countries to attend this Conference.

The Conference will discuss the issues related to strength of surface ships and submarines, latest developments in theoretical and applied hydromechanics, ship construction and repair technologies.


  • Strength of surface ships and submarines.
  • Research in theoretical and applied hydromechanics.
  • Technological aspects of surface ship and submarine construction and repair.


The official language of the Conference will be English, working languages: Russian and English with simultaneous translation.


The papers included in the Conference Programme will be published in the NSN’2017 Conference Proceedings by the Conference opening.

The NSN’2017 Conference Programme and Proceedings will be made available to the participants upon registration.


Conference application forms will be accepted till September 1, 2016.

A letter of invitation

Full invitation to the conference can be found HERE

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