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Scientific and methodological basis for development of ship signature measurement instrumentation

KSRC has profound experience in developing and operating (jointly with specialist companies) a range of sophisticated data processing and instrumentation systems for full-scale measurements of ship signatures.

KSRC offers:

  • Working of requirements regarding the site of instrumentation deployment as well as site survey and certification procedures;
  • Selection and justification of the scope and configuration of instrumentation and auxiliary equipment to be deployed;
  • >Working out of proposals for engineering & technological support;
  • Development of methodological & metrological guidelines and software;
  • Manufacturing of instrumentation for measuring ship signatures;
  • Delivery tests of the instrumentation on site;
  • Consultancies for the operating personnel on the methods of using the instrumentation;
  • Scientific, methodological and technical support during post-warranty period.

The measured signatures: magnetic, electric, ELFE, electromagnetic, radar, infrared, laser, hydrodynamic.

The instrumentation along with user manuals and operational documentation can be used for both large research & test centers and small ranges and test facilities for measuring specific signatures. The instrumentation can be designed for fixed, in-situ or mobile applications.