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KSRC offers:

  • Manufacturing of ship models and their magnetic testing at the magnetic test facility;
  • Calculation of ship and ship equipment magnetic signatures as well as appropriate modes of their deperming based on model test data;
  • Magnetic model tests of ship equipment, instrumentation systems of degaussing and deperming ranges, magnetic signature compensation systems, and deperming equipment;
  • Development and delivery of onboard automatic systems for degaussing coil control.

KSRC developments:

In support of ship design:

  • Magnetic signature management rules;
  • Magnetic signature calculation guidelines;
  • Design guidelines for degaussing systems intended for various types of ships;
  • Guidelines for physical and mathematical simulation of magnetic signature;
  • Guidelines for calculation of magnetic parameters of conducting and ferromagnetic masses aboard the ships;
  • Software for calculating magnetic fields of ships and individual shipboard equipments;

In support of ship construction:

  • Guidelines for monitoring of shipboard equipment magnetic parameters;
  • Guidelines for deperming of ships and shipboard equipment;
  • Guidelines for setup and adjustment of ship degaussing coils;
  • Onboard equipment for automatic control over degaussing current as well as power supply units and local electromagnetic compensators;

In support of tests:

  • Guidelines for magnetic signature measurements for full-scale ships at zero speed and under way;
  • Guidelines for magnetic signature extrapolation to various distances;
  • Design documents for deperming and magnetic test ranges;
  • Control equipment and deperming systems;
  • Instrumentation for magnetic signature monitoring and setup of degaussing coils.