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Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic (ELFE) signature management

R&D to reduce the ELFE signature of surface ships and submarines.

KSRC offers:

  • Prediction of expected ELFE levels in ship design using specially developed software (EMSS);
  • EMSS software for processing of ELFE signature measurements, identification of main signature sources based on measurements, determination of electric and magnetic dipole moments, extrapolation of measurement results to different conditions and visualization of ELFE parameters;
  • Regulatory and methodological documentation to support the development of efficient tools and measures of ELFE signature reduction for ships and submarines.

EMSS software calculates the electric and magnetic components for the following ELFE signature sources:

  • Static magnetization;
  • Galvanic couples;
  • Electric equipment;
  • Degaussing coils;
  • Hull vibration;
  • Modulation of galvanic current;
  • Rotation of magnetized shafts;
  • Vortex currents in propeller blades;
  • Roll and pitch.

The analytical model considers three main factors governing ELFE levels: interfaces of different environments, if any, effect of ship structures, motion of ship or sensor. Output data are signal time history which can be superimposed with a background noise measured in full-scale.

During the full-scale measurements EMSS allows recording the signals from the sensors located in air, in water or aboard the ship under examination. The obtained data is used to:

  • determine the ELFE level;
  • identify the main ELFE sources;
  • estimate the efficiency of protection systems;
  • develop suggestions and recommendations on ELFE reduction.