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Hydrophysical signatures of marine structures and sea

KSRC performs theoretical and experimental studies of hydrophysical signatures in sea environment.

KSRC offers:

  • Development of simulation methods and equipments for laboratory test tanks;
  • Experimental studies at laboratory test tanks, including a large-size open tank enabling research studies in natural hydrological conditions (including ice), as well as experiments at sea using modern instrumentation manufactured by leading companies;
  • Development of methods for measuring hydrophysical signatures in test tanks and at sea as well as of test data processing and analysis methods;
  • Measurements of temperature, salinity and velocity fields of currents in test tanks and at sea as well as analysis of the test data;
  • Experimental studies of hydrophysical processes in stratified rotating fluid using flow visualization technicques (including PIV method);
  • Prediction of time-space parameters of hydrophysical signatures generated by stationary and mobile local sources in the non-uniform sea environment, including velocity fields of currents, as well as temperature of these currents and physical & chemical impurities present in these currents.

KSRC developments:

  • Guidelines for simulation of hydrophysical processes in spatially non-uniform sea environment;
  • Guidelines for recording and prediction of time-space parameters of hydrophysical signatures in the non-uniform sea environment.