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Integrated solution to EMC problems for naval and commercial ships, marine structures and vehicles including electromagnetic environment evaluations.

KSRC offers:

  • Development of administrative & engineering measures for ship designers and equipment manufacturers;
  • Guidelines for calculation of:
    • Electromagnetic field levels in the internal spaces and on the upper deck of ships with operating radio communication and radar equipment;
    • Shielding of rooms, equipment and cable routes with consideration of various shielding configurations;
    • Induced electric interferences in control and communication cables, earthing circuits and other electronic units;
  • EMC examination of the ship’s electronic systems to ensure that EMC measures are complete and sufficient and equipment arrangement requirements are justified;
  • Estimation of resistance to strong electromagnetic pulses (including those caused by radioactivity) for radioelectronic equipment and its individual components
  • Examination of design documents, inspections of full-scale industrial objects and transport vehicles intended to identify the sources of electromagnetic interferences hindering the operation of radioelectronics and personal computers as well as to determine electromagnetic field levels;
  • Justification of necessary and sufficient scope of tests with respect to EMC parameters of the equipment to be installed on the objects;
  • Scientific support for the development of measures intended to ensure EMC of the equipment at industrial objects and transport vehicles;
  • EMC testing;
  • Methodical support for the activities intended to bring the electromagnetic emission levels at working places in compliance with medical requirements.

Studies and practical activities are performed using a unique mobile EMC measurement system which consists of:

  • equipment for measuring electric and magnetic fields, power flux density, voltages and currents within the frequency band from 0 Hz to dozens of GHz;
  • low-frequency spectrum analyzer, frequency band 16 Hz-12,5 kHz, stand-alone power supply;
  • high-frequency spectrum analyzer, frequency band 9 kHz-26 GHz, stand-alone power supply;
  • portable simulators of electromagnetic interference.

Mobile system is used to:

  • perform field tests at the sites of electronic equipment manufacturers;
  • reduce costs and duration of tests;
  • skip the tests at special-purpose EMC test rigs.