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The first Forum of the young specialists at the Krylov Centre

21 november 2016

On November 18, the Krylov State Research Centre hosted the first Forum of St. Petersburg young specialists. The event was held in the furtherance of youth policy of the city aimed at establishment of legal, informative and organizational environment for personal self-fulfilment and development of youth associations and initiatives at the enterprises of St. Petersburg. The Forum was attended by young specialists from the companies of real economy sector, executive and legislative authorities and social organizations as well as by the distinguished guests and experts. More than 500 guests took part in the Forum.

During the plenary session the participants were addressed with a welcome speech by St. Petersburg Vice-Governor Sergey N. Movchan, Director General of the Krylov Centre Vladimir S. Nikitin, chairman of Committee for Youth Policy Renata Yu. Abdulina, State Duma Deputy Sergey M. Panteleev, member of Legislative Assembly Aleksey N. Tsivilev as well as other officials of governmental authorities.

The participants of the Forum took part not only in such educational sections as «Labor market conditions for young specialists», «Corporative volunteering», «How to build a rewarding career» etc., but were also given a tour around KSRC unique experimental facilities.

The Forum was ended with a rewarding ceremony for the winners of «The best practice of work arrangement for the youth from enterprises and companies 2016» Contest and social award «St. Petersburg 2020».

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