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Krylov Centre hosted the 1st All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists «Scientific and technological development of shipbuilding»

22 november 2017

The first All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists that became the landmark event for the whole shipbuilding industry was held at the Krylov Centre on November 16-17. The event took place under the auspices of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Fund «Ot vinta!» (Take-off). The conference was organized by the Krylov State Research Centre and Russian Scientific and Technical Society of Shipbuilders named after academician A.N. Krylov. Although it is the fourth time when this conference is held at KSRC premises, this year it can be reasonably described as nationwide. Next year, it is planned to bring the event to the global stage and to hold it annually.

Even this year the conference attracted more than 250 representatives of leading industry-related scientific higher education institutions and enterprises from all over Russia such as Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering «Rubin», Murmansk State Technical University, OOO «Baltic shipyard — shipbuilding», AO Shiprepairing center «Zvyozdochka», St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, AO «SSTC», Branch of Military E&R Centre «Naval Academy», Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, Malakhit Marine Engineering Bureau, PAO Shipyard «Severnaya Verf» and many others (more than 40 companies in total).

The scope of the conference included 10 sections: Shipbuilding, civil shipbuilding. Development of Ocean and Arctic zone, aerohydromechanics. Propulsion performance, seaworthiness and maneuverability. Physical fields of ocean and marine engineering facilities. Strength and reliability of ship structures. Ship power plants. Underwater and surface robotics. Ship electrical equipment. Economy and management in shipbuilding. Information technologies in shipbuilding. The papers were presented by 118 participants. The following papers were acknowledged to be the best:

  • Advanced manufacturing of wedge shims and leveling washers used in installation of ship equipment (Igor A. Parfentiev, Research and Design Technological Bureau «Onega»)

  • Adaptation of procedure for calculation of hull bending during ship launching based on experimental data (Kseniya I. Balandina: Ilya S. Yastrebov, OOO «Baltic shipyard — shipbuilding»)

  • Numerical simulation of natural gas combustion in a single-block converter (Artem E. Blishchik and Timur I. Saifulin, KSRC)

  • Numerical simulation of near acoustic field of infinite plate excited by concentrated force (Konstantin A. Rumyantsev, KSRC)

  • Universal algorithm for location of acoustic emission sources (S.A. Karlov, KSRC)

  • Investigations of protective coatings used for gas bearings of ship turbo machines (Olesya S. Portnova, Far Eastern Federal University)

  • Complex software for design of ship electric power systems (Mariya K. Ivanova and Valeriy S. Solovei, KSRC)

  • Specifics of software and hardware implementation of computing system intended to control a small-size autonomous underwater vehicle (Aleksei B. Umanskiy, Scientific and Production Association of Automatics)

  • Device intended to record the depth of sweeping gear towing (Kirill V. Mikushin, AO «Concern «Sea Underwater Weapon — Gidropribor»)

  • The development of information system for accounting and managing the results of scientific and technological activities (Dariya A. Sizonenko and Mikhail A. Skulyabin, KSRC)

The conference was ended with a tour around the most interesting experimental facilities of KSRC including ice basin, rotating-arm basin, deep-water towing tank, simulator complex and wind tunnel.

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