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Protection of personnel against adverse effects of physical fields

The Medical & Technical Hygiene Centre set up at the KSRC on the initiative of the Russian Ministry of Health is the first-in-kind Russian establishment pooling the efforts of the experts in shipbuilding & marine hygiene and the researchers dealing with physical fields for ensuring the safe operational environment on ships and marine structures.

Medical & Technical Hygiene Centre is certified for:

  • Development of regulatory and methodological documents regarding physical factors of industrial environment and hygiene & epidemiology of waterborne transport;
  • Tests of household, industrial and transport products, habitability examination (with respect to physical factors) of the production and accommodation areas on fixed and mobile objects & platforms and environment.

KSRC offers the following services intended to protect the personnel from adverse effects of physical fields:

  • Measurement of physical field levels in accommodation areas, production spaces and environment;
  • Analysis and development of regulatory documents on acceptable levels of physical fields;
  • Development of measures and tools intended to ensure required levels of physical fields;
  • Tests of equipment;
  • Development of measures to protect people aboard ships and marine structures from the adverse effects of physical fields;
  • Development of work & rest modalities;
  • Estimate of professional risks in operation of marine objects;
  • Preparation and certification of workplaces at various objects.

The experts of this Centre have worked out and implemented a systemic approach to design marine objects for complete safety to people aboard.

The Centre is using a set of calculation procedures developed for estimating the expected levels of physical fields (electromagnetic field within target frequency bands, airborne noise, vibration) and the efficiency of design solutions to comply with hygiene requirements. The Centre has developed the methodological documents on the estimation of health risks and hazards aboard marine objects during operation.