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Electric signature management and corrosion protection

KSRC offers:

  • Integrated Kaskad-type systems for management of the ship’s electric field and corrosion protection of hull and propellers;
  • STAR3D Electric software for numerical simulation of corrosion protection systems for ships and other marine structures;
  • A system of standard electric isolation arrangements for underwater hull structures made of dissimilar materials;
  • Guidelines and equipment for measuring the ship’s electric signature and processing of measurement results;
  • Package of regulatory and technical documents on ship electric signature reduction and corrosion protection in ship design, construction and operation;
  • Development of test facilities for laboratory tests and sea trials;
  • Design appraisal of ships and marine structures with regard to corrosion protection and recommendations for the most efficient application of protection techniques;
  • Electric field studies in the electrolytic and stratified test tanks.

KSRC developments:

In support of ship design:

  • Design rules for electric signature reduction and corrosion protection tools and recommendations on the configuration of tools and techniques to be applied for various ship types;
  • Guidelines and software for calculating the electric signatures and corrosion protection parameters;
  • Guidelines on physical simulation of the electric field;

In support of ship construction:

  • Integrated Kaskad-type systems for the electric signature reduction and corrosion protection of hulls and propellers of various ships;
  • Quality control methods for tools of electric signature reduction and corrosion protection equipment on building berth and afloat (fitting-out);

In support of tests:

  • Guidelines for electric signature measurements;
  • Guidelines and software for extrapolating electric signature measurements to various distances and for calculation of dipole moments;
  • Guidelines for checking the operability of corrosion and electric protection tools.

Advanced design technologies for corrosion protection of marine structures

KSRC designs corrosion protection systems as well as examines ready-made designs of such systems for offshore platforms and other marine structures.

The design and efficiency of corrosion protection systems is analyzed using STAR3D Electric software.

KSRC offers:

  • Selection of optimal corrosion protection system taking into consideration the type of structure, its operational conditions and designed lifetime;
  • Optimization of anode & reference electrode layouts;
  • Selection of number and type of sacrificial anodes, estimation of their lifetime with consideration of decay dynamics;
  • Prediction of corrosion protection efficiency in operational conditions.

A more advanced modification of conventional corrosion protection systems is offered using additional anode modules to be installed on the seabed.

Technology advantages:

  • Uniform distribution of the protective current over the surface of the structure;
  • Unlike the conventional onboard anode systems, the corrosion protection is not drastically degraded if one of the modules fails;
  • No requirement for anode shields;
  • Fast deployment of the anode modules during the fitting-out of structures afloat and in case of onboard anode failure;
  • Protection of metal structures on platforms moored in deep water.