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First inter-industry theoretical & training conference Supercomputer Technologies in Industry-2014 on Krylov Centre premises

20 october 2014

Photo: Inter-industry theoretical & training conference Supercomputer Technologies in Industry-2014

The first inter-industry theoretical & training conference Supercomputer Technologies in Industry-2014 was held on 17 October 2014 at the Krylov State Research Centre. The Conference was organized with assistance of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. Keynote papers at the plenary session were presented by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Andrei Dutov «Supercomputer technologies — integral part of system engineering», Head of Mathematical Simulation Division of Krylov Centre Mikhail Lobachev «Supercomputer technologies in shipbuilding: experience, problems and prospects»; representatives of St. Petersburg and Moscow universities (Yu. Ya. Boldyrev «Supercomputer engineering for domestic industry», D. K. Zaitsev «Experience in development of supercomputer codes for resolving complex problems in thermofluid dynamics for nuclear engineering applications», V. V. Voevodin «Supercomputer ‘Lomonosov’, application packages and specific algorithms»); representatives of various Russian software companies striving to keep abreast with the latest developments and maintain a leading edge over foreign competitors (CADFEM CIS, SiTec and other). The Conference addressed the issues related to industrial implementation of supercomputer technologies as well as their role in solving various problems and tasks. Apart from practical applications, discussions also dealt with one of the most highlighted contemporary subjects: liaison of education, science and industry and the role to be played by the state in these processes.

The Conference was organized into two sections: Supercomputer technologies in industry sectors and Supercomputer technologies in ship hydrodynamics. Papers on the practical application of modern computer technologies in various industry sectors have been presented by representatives of prominent research centers, including KSRС, software development and user companies.

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