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Krylov Centre at Forum 100+ Russia

10 october 2017

The Krylov Centre has sent a team of experts to take part in Forum 100+ Russia, an international congress and exhibition on design, construction, financing and operation of high-rise buildings and various unique structures, which was held from 4 to 6 October in Ekaterinburg.

The Forum was a combination of two major events: Exhibition and Business Program including presentation of technical & scientific papers.

The Krylov Centre rented its own dedicated stand at the exhibition, presenting a model of the Landscape Wind Tunnel. Knowledgeable stand-attendants from Krylov’s staff (Sergei Soloviev and Victor Sokolov) explained a range of capabilities available with this state-of-the-art experimental facility for aerodynamic investigations of sophisticated structures. The Krylov Centre boasts a long track-record in this field (over 100 high-rise complexes and 12 bridges have been tested in its aerodynamic lab over the last 10 years), however for many designers of unique buildings, who gathered from Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Izhevsk, etc., it turned out to be a kind of first-hand news about Krylov’s competences in the field of building aerodynamics.

During the VIP walkthrough over the exhibition site the stand of Krylov Centre was attended by Elena Sierra, the Russian Federation Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, who like many other executives and professionals of civil engineering industry had followed marine transportation of the Crimea railway bridge span and was aware of KSRC involvement in modeling as well as at-sea execution of this critical operation. Elena Sierra was interested to know more about the Landscape Wind Tunnel studies in connection with the Crimea bridge project.

S. Soloviev was also the moderator of two round tables as well as presented 3 papers on topics of scientific and practical interest:

  • Experimental and mathematical modeling of marine transportation of the Crimea bridge spans
  • Aeroelastic stability of cable bridges
  • Investigation of wind and snow loads on structures taking into account surrounding buildings and landscape features

These papers have attracted keen interest of designers because the modern regulatory documents expressly require wind tunnel tests for buildings higher than 100 m and for bridges with spans longer than 100 m.

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